Elizabeth Campisi - Ave Maria

Educated in the classical and pop worlds, Elizabeth sang and performed in leading roles in Broadway workshops and in regional theatre companies in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Ave Maria is produced by Dove award-winning Nashville producer Don Koch who also produced Elizabeth’s new album. Inspired by Pope John Paul II's letter for artists, Elizabeth has dedicated her life and ministry to spread the beauty and truth of the Christian message to the world. Her upcoming album explores the themes of living in Christ in the modern world and what it means to make a difference. Elizabeth states, “We must boldly proclaim the Gospel to the world and especially by means that are relevant to the world.” Married and a mother of two, Elizabeth Campisi is devoted to Our Blessed Mother and her Son, Jesus Christ. She is also the radio host of the weekly show Why I'm Catholic which airs on Immaculate Heart Radio.

Elizabeth performed on the main stage for the 2011 World Youth Day.